Folk ballads and indie anthems tend to cast a shadow over Boston’s electronic music scene that boasts producers releasing quality content regularly. In order to give them the recognition they deserve, we’re back with five more tracks that showcase the talent that this city has to offer, rightfully deserving a spot in your iTunes or Spotify library.

1. Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft. MØ – Lean On (COMMANDAH PANDA Remix)

Numerous blogs and music outlets have highlighted “Lean On” as one of the top tracks of the year, with the video boasting almost 225,000,000 views on Youtube. Boston’s very own COMMANDAH PANDA puts a nice touch on the original, giving it a more upbeat, festival feel with wide synths and vocal chops. Of the numerous re-works and remixes this track has seen, this one stands out.

2. mar|co – Closer

Beautiful Florence and the Machine vibes from this one. Clean vocals accompany a laid back chord progression with an ethereal harp strum that make this tune fit for time travel. The nostalgic and romantic lyrics also deserve recognition, painting a picture of love manifesting in a strong embrace. A track best listened to with eyes closed, this belongs on The Sound You Need.

3. Blank Brothers – Deep Freeze

The offbeat, sub-heavy kick drums are what bring this track alive– they give it a sense of energy and motion. The crisp percussion and hi-hats that compliment the kicks are also supplemented by a funky guitar riff that nicely contrast the soft vocals. It sounds like The Dandy Warhols meet Michael Jackson.

4. ColorGrave – Dylan&Me

Saw waves and vocal chops dominate this aggressive yet delightful track, giving it a heavy metal-electro hybrid feel. Fit for a superhero montage movie scene, this Evanescene-esque track makes the list for its ability to nicely combine aggression with sentiment, courtesy of it’s gritty power chords and lush vocals.

5. Daniel F|M – The Face of Gold

Quality over quantity should be the theme of this track, as it is the debut production of Mexican artist Daniel F|M. The song is a nice example of beauty in simplicity, an exhibition of the fact that electronic production doesn’t need a million sounds flying around to appeal to the ears. The soft, alternating Spanish-English vocals are a nice touch that add an element of relaxation.

Looking for more? You can find more electronic tracks we’ve recommended by local artists here.

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