Some answers for you inquisitive folk out there:

Boston already has plenty of music blogs. Why launch another?

We saw a gap in the local blog scene—fellow sites often expand their focus beyond Boston. Our goal is simple: to raise awareness and support of Boston’s music culture.

Most of us don’t think Boston when we think music. Nashville? LA? Austin? Sure. But Boston? We hope to change that by better connecting artists and fans. Whether that means providing venue information and weekly concert selections to improve the ease of attending musical events, or encouraging readers to take pride in their local talent, we know improving Boston’s national reputation for music starts at its roots: the citizens of the city itself.

By helping Bostonians plan out their nights and by helping musical acts gain support, we hope to bolster overall interest and participation in the city’s music culture. Maybe one day, Boston will become a city we all immediately connect with music.

I’m not a Bostonian. Why read Sound of Boston?

Boston’s known for being “that one tour stop before New York.” So yes, you can come here to read reviews of the better-known artists who stop by our city while traveling the world. But the core idea behind our site is to bring Boston’s talented musical artists into the spotlight, within and beyond the limits of our city. Here at Sound of Boston, you’ll be able to listen to the songs and see the faces of those who are working hard to be heard. Who knows? The next Local Spotlight you read may be the next big act.

What’s Local Spotlight?

Our Local Spotlight column is where we feature talented, up-and-coming Boston-based (as well as Massachusetts-based) bands that we believe are worthy of your support. That means we’re combing through the hundreds of acts out there so that you don’t have to.

What’s the deal with the sister site?

Oh, you’ve noticed we’ve got pals across the pond? The guys at Sound of Aarhus (Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark) share our goal of supporting local music talent, and they’re working hard to boost awareness of their own city’s scene.