Happy Belated Birthday, America, and welcome back to the Wrap-Up. This week we’ve got our hands in some new tunes and a room full of music nerds.


Mad Satta Brings the Silky Smoothest Vibes with Break Me Free

Following up on last October’s Comfort, smoky soul octet Mad Satta recently dropped the four-track EP Break Me Free, equipped with the vocal stylings of frontwoman Joanna Teters, aka Ms. Chillin’ Out Maxin’ Relaxin’ All Cool, slap bass gone wild (where does it go after the first song???), and an oh-so sensual groove that whispers please don’t show this to your parents. Take a listen to the EP here, watch the band’s new video for “Simpler Times” below, and catch them funking up the ICA this Thursday.


Wolfside’s “Dare You” will Burrow into Your Head and Lay Eggs Inside Your Brain

Ok, so, Wolfside is kind of like a Two Door Cinema Club/Phoenix lab baby, and their new tune “Dare You” is so catchy that your brain will probably start to expel previously significant information (childhood memories, basic social skills, loved ones’ birthdays, etc.) so it can fully accommodate the hook as it transforms any coherent thoughts you may have into a scrambled variation of “I dare you to go fast.” Check it out here and warn your friends and family!


Mingle Like You’ve Never Mingled Before with a Night of Boston Music Networking

Are you a musician, booking agent, blogger, photographer, vinyl enthusiast, or any other kind of breathing human lifeform looking to hang out and talk Boston music with a bunch of other sweaty guys and gals? Lucky for you, Boston Scene Party is hosting Off the Record (Store), a networking event geared towards hyping local music and the people who help keep it alive.

It’s all going down at O’Brien’s Pub on Wednesday from 6pm-8pm, so go find your best pair of slacks and register here.


Converse Keeps on Being Rad, Offers Free Recording Time and Fest Slots to Locals

Whoever’s in charge of Converse’s music initiative around the city deserves a raise or a hug or both because we’ve been spoiled as of late. This week, the sneaker colossus announced the “Converse Rubber Tracks x Newport Folk Festival Recording Week,” a program inviting up-and-coming artists to apply for two free days of recording time at Lovejoy Wharf’s new Rubber Tracks studio AND a spot on the Museum Stage of this summer’s Newport Folk Festival.

Registrations are open now through July 17, so all you music makers best not sleep on it.


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