Summer is slowly winding down, which means that soon its back to the books, office, and hustle bustle of life. In order to make the most of the remaining time, here’s a list of 5 chill tracks from Boston musicians that are guaranteed to help you relax in the remaining bliss of vacation.

1. Osiris Fire X Victory GardenElements

An absolutely gnarly track, “Elements” brings true meaning to the word hypnotic. The hip-hop kick drives the track, pumping it along with a nice, tight beat that compliments the plucking string riff on top. If Alice In Wonderland were to stumble into a bar and select a song from a jukebox, this would probably be it. It’s trippy, energetic, and fresh.

2. GoldblocDays Are Dreaming

Featured off their Black Gold EP, Goldbloc’s soulful record proves that there is beauty in simplicity. Perhaps Boston’s equivalent of AlunaGeorge, Goldbloc’s minimalist approach to their productions give way to the sublime. Singer Solei’s vocals compliment Goldenhaus’s dark production style, flowing beautifully over a simple beat and chords. Keep an eye and ear out for this duo in the future, as they are likely to continually impress.

3. André ObinSirens

A beautiful chillout track, “Sirens” deserves to be the backing track of a National Geographic video showcasing a montage of beautiful sunsets. The smooth, rolling riffs and simple percussion mixed in with ethereal vocals like the singing of beckoning sirens culminate in allure.


Featured on a previous post of Listen Local, COMMANDAH PANDA seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to banging out chill records. His ambient, deep house remix of INES’ “Come Close” is absolutely brilliant. Dynamic and full of flavor, the four/four beat is just right for the classic head bob. Combine this with INES’ nicely reverbed vocals and you have a track perfectly suited for play at an outdoor cafe.

5. DurkinDreamer

For all you Flume and Hermitude lovers out there, say hello to Durkin. His chill, future bass production style is the perfect recipe for relaxation, as showcased in his track “Dreamer”. The hip-hop beat and synth arpeggiation makes the track, well, dreamy, and the vocal loop on top really solidifies the track. Great vibes from this one.

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