It’s been a difficult and heartbreaking weekend in the news. For those of you who will be attending the Aeronaut Neighborhood Nights Allston, put on by local music scene supporters and brewery Aeronaut, keep in mind 100% of the beer sales from tonight’s launch party will be donated to the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida. In the meantime, here are new releases that will hopefully brighten your week a little.

Quilt Releases a Fiery New Music Video

Rich in lush images, the video for “Padova” is not for the passive watcher. Quilt has you flipping between feast-like preparations, three marching Grecian-esques, and, of course, the array of pomegranate seeds. Each quick scene has something for your eyes to take in. From the gradual disorganization of the seeds to the figures in the mist — and that’s just in the first minute — to the building of a floral bonfire, to the eventual burning of the set, the video offers a lot to the senses.
Although leaning toward the subtly macabre at times, the visuals are bright and there’s a story paired with the pattering, bright music, making this a satisfying four-minute treat.

Intimate Darlingside Session Recording Released

In Darlingside’s session with Ear Trumpet Labs, we get a tight, beautiful performance of “White Horses.”
The four piece group, each with their own instrument and role, come together so harmoniously that Darlingside is the folk barbershop quartet you never knew you needed.
While watching the video, it’s great to see how close the group members seem to be and how well they perform standing shoulder to shoulder. Crosby, Stills and Nash (and in this case, plus Young) meet Fleet Foxes to bring “White Horses” to life.

Latrell James Tries to Toe the Line in New Track

“Break The Rules” by Latrell James is a confident, simple track. The beat is not overly fancy or overwhelming, which works well in a song where the lyrics are the focal point. James proves his ability to manipulate words and keep listeners engaged.

On SoundCloud he states “just wanted to create a song that questions the traditional process of how we are supposed to live life.” He definitely questions, with a healthy dose of bravado. He’s akin to a bearable Drake -apologies to any Drake fans. James taught himself how to mix his own music, which is a testament to his dedication. “Break the Rules” is a solid track born from homegrown refinement that doesn’t break any new boundaries just yet.

The Ballroom Thieves to Play At ZUMIX

On June 21st, ZUMIX is launching WZMR Presents with Boston’s very own The Ballroom Thieves! This event will happen four times throughout the year, and will feature various local artists. The proceeds from WZMR Presents will go toward supporting ZUMIX’s youth music programs. Alisa Amador from Cambridge, and Myagi and The Kids from ZUMIX themselves will also perform at the intimate venue.

Grab tickets here.

Song Premiere: “Heartbreaker” by Biscuits & Gravy
Video Premiere: “Canary” by Honeysuckle
Ticket Giveaway: Matt Corby at Paradise (6/20)

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