Damn, heartbreak never felt so good.

It’s been a while, but like a good meal, good music takes time to make. With “Heartbreaker,” Boston funk band Biscuits & Gravy serves up a bittersweet funk tune—the first song the band has released in four years and the first single off their upcoming album, Young Love.

The song may be about a girl who disappears on the dance floor, but lead singer David Huddleston doesn’t deliver the lyrics in a melancholy way. It would be hard to sound sad over such a funky, horn-peppered beat. As the bassline and drums bump and grind, he sings, “She’ll be moving on / before the night is done.”

Is this Biscuits & Gravy or Bruno Mars?

As the band describes their music, “It’s an old school vibe with a new school sound that’s savory to the taste.” Eat up:

Biscuits & Gravy is stuffed with funk/soul influences, citing Michael Jackson, D’Angelo, and J Dilla as artists they drew from while writing and recording the album. With more releases from Young Love lined up for the near future, the question is, if we’re starting with heartbreak, where do we go from here?

If you like this song, you’ll want to come back for seconds. “Heartbreaker is definitely one of the more energetic pop dance tunes on the record, but it kicks off what vibe and sound we went with for this record,” guitarist Sam RP explains. “What says young love more than a kid, holding some flowers, sitting on a bench waiting for the girl to arrive?”

Check Biscuits & Gravy out live at The Hard Rock Cafe Boston on Friday, June 24.

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