It feels like years since it last rained. Days are dragging by, bogged down by sweat and fatigue. Can music drag you out of the existential crisis that is this infinite heat wave? Can it? Please report back.

Esh & Arc release fiery new music video

What’s black and white and red all over? No, it’s not a newspaper… it’s the new video for “The Other Shoulder,” by hip-hop duo Esh & Arc, featuring DJ Slipwax.

The mainly black and white video is slashed with pops of red, reminiscent of what a middle school student thinks punk is like. The skulls, the angel figurines dripping with blood-mimicking red paint, it’s all there. Not to say that’s bad – in fact, the simple visual scheme is an invitation for closer listening and viewing. “The Other Shoulder” is a successful collaboration of hip-hop and punk, where the lines are delivered smoothly, the beat is interesting, and the music isn’t distracting.

The pared-down visuals ensure “The Other Shoulder” doesn’t overload the senses or detract from the track. Sometimes less is more.


Summer in the City with Amy & the Engine

On Wednesday, July 27, see Amy & the Engine (for free!) at Berklee College’s Summer in the City program. Nominated for New England Music Award’s Best Songwriter, Best New Act, and Pop Act of the Year, Amy & The Engine features high-caliber pop songs. They’re a little more sophisticated from run-of-the-mill pop groups, and are working on their second album.


ZUMIX Radio Station Gives a Voice to Its Community 

In 2014 ZUMIX received a license to broadcast on FM, allowing them to broadcast “the voices of East Boston youth to listeners” to the Boston area. This coming fall, ZUMIX Radio will broadcast at 94.9. Reaching East Boston, Winthrop, Chelsea, Revere, and Everett, the community station hopes to give involved youth a “place to feel heard and valued, and to develop their voices as meaningful members of the world.”

Check out their Indiegogo page and informational video below.

Sound of Boston Presents: Our Birthday Celebration

Join us on August 18 at Brighton Music Hall to help celebrate our third birthday! We’ve got locals The American Symphony of SoulBiscuits & Gravy, and Kyle Thornton & The Company for what will definitely be a funky, groovetastic evening.

Invite your music-loving friends, coworkers, and bus drivers. Tickets are $12 at the box office or available on Ticketmaster.

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