Welcome to this week’s Wrap-Up! We’ve taken a whole bunch of Boston music and bundled it all together just for you, kind of like this.


Bat House Shreds “Chemical X” Live on Spare Room Sessions

Fitz Ross Productions recently caught up with local punkadelic four-piece Bat House to present a live performance of the group’s song, “Chemical X,” which, in case you haven’t heard, falls somewhere between mellow math rock anthem and driving, utterly punk-as-fuck spectacle. Special shout out to guitarist Shane Blank for grooving so hard that it actually looked like he was in a considerable amount of pain.

Bat House’s Spare Room Session came on the heels of their EP, ghosts, which dropped last fall. To take a listen to ghosts, click here. You can also check out some more rad Spare Room Sessions here.


Justin Marc Lloyd Gets Real Trippy with Music Video for Miss Geo’s “Mouse on the Moon”

As electro-pop duo Miss Geo continue to gear up for the release of their EP, Shapes, artist Justin Marc Lloyd has helped conceive a music video for the group’s latest single, “Mouse on the Moon.” If you can imagine dropping acid and then taking a walk around town while looking through a kaleidoscope, you probably get the gist of the animation. And just in case you have a tough time grasping that gem of an analogy, you can watch for yourself below.


Front Row Boston Reminds Us That We Should Have Been Watching Bad Rabbits Tear the Paradise up on New Year’s Eve

R&B powerhouse Bad Rabbits put on a killer show at Boston’s Paradise Rock Club back in December, and now, thanks to Front Row Boston, you can relive the night in all its funked-up glory. In addition to the live performance, FRB included bits of their interview with singer Dua Boakye and guitarist Santi Araujo that shed some light on the band’s punk roots, cultural backgrounds, and thoughts on the Boston music scene.


Man Called War Sings You to Sleep with Naked Animals

Through a haze of faint acoustic guitar and verbed-out, Bon Iver-esque vocals, you’ll find Man Called War’s new album, Naked Animals. In just eight tracks, Singer-songwriter Rob Kelly drifts through tales of city-living in such a smooth tone that you probably won’t even realize he’s talking about stuff like bumping coke and, uh, “fucking beneath the broken pine.” Seriously, dude could be singing about migration patterns of the pectoral sandpiper and I’d still be nodding along with a single tear rolling down my cheek, clutching a copy of On the Road.


Anjimile Drops Debut Full-Length, Human Nature

This past Tuesday, indie-pop up-and-comer Anjimile released Human Nature, a colorful 10-track album that’s surely been long-awaited around the Boston scene. Singer/sole writer and lyricist Anji Chithambo bounces through each tune, from dancey jams like “Ha ha ha” to the more pensive, emotionally-charged “Therapy” and “Wanted by the Law,” with a kind of relentless energy that you can’t help but get behind.

You can stream Human Nature for free and cop a download for a quick $5 over here.


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