2/26/15 – The Foundation Room

The Foundation Room, an exclusive upstairs lounge lair at House of Blues, seems more fit for visiting foreign delegates than music- and beer-thirsty college students. With colorful felt-covered walls and wide, plush couches, it is the chocolate mousse of venues. All the more reason to cram a bunch of music- and beer-thirsty college students into the room to sweat out some rock and roll.

On Thursday, through Berklee College of Music’s partnership with House of Blues—The Takeover—five bands jammed out in the Foundation Room: The Western Den; Oh, Malô; NOVI; Grey Season; and Ripe. Sound of Boston was there to photograph these future rockstars and write pithy one-line reviews.

The Western Den: A cocoon of mellow music begins to harden.

Oh, Malô: A house of cards is constructed delicately, one card after another, then blown away by the thump of a subwoofer.

NOVI: Music sounds like a theme song to a kid’s show in the best way possible. Also rap. Also other sounds.

Grey Season: Harmonies like honey, wielding instruments like chain guns.

Ripe: Their new band name: The Wiggle Makers.

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