2/18/15 – Great Scott

Boston was hibernating. T service was nonexistent beyond central Boston, a slushy salt-mix coated the sidewalk, and fresh flurries danced in the air.

It was a surprise, then, that the inside of Great Scott was teeming with life. Despite the promise of new snow and difficult travel conditions, beanie-wearing college students filled the venue as the night went on.

When local indie folk stars Covey swung into the room with upbeat, foot-tapping tunes, the crowd pushed forward as if drawn to the warmth in their songs. The laid-back “Comes and Goes” was a welcome respite from the harsh weather outdoors; gentle acoustic guitars conjured up visions of frolicking in a sunny meadow, banishing any thoughts of the howling winter wind as people swayed back and forth. The set was relaxed, natural, and infectiously uplifting. Fresh tracks from their upcoming EP sounded polished but not stale as the band played one of their first shows since being in the studio all winter.

Following Covey, Brooklyn band Weather (formerly known as Friendly People), swept into the room as their loyal following wolf-whistled and applauded their arrival. Thrumming with energy, they launched right into a fierce set of underground rock that was gritty, loud, and born to make us dance. Lead singer Pat McCusker had the wild eyes of an enigmatic prophet, and the rest of the band played with a coiled spring energy that could not be restrained. It seemed as if at any moment they might leap off the stage and head-bang across the room.

While the band may have kept to the stage, the rest of the room did the headbanging for them. Beers were cast aside as limbs kept time to the frantic pace of their songs. Fan favorite “New York” must have marked the only time Boston didn’t hate its southern rival.

Bostonians might have been sick of the snowdrifts outside, but they had nothing but love for the Weather inside Great Scott.

Sunshine and Snow: Covey and Weather
  • Loyal local fans
  • Plenty of energy all around
  • Sound was deafening to those near stage
8Overall Score

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