Sofar Sounds is just one of the coolest ideas ever. The idea starts with house concerts. But these aren’t just any house shows; they are carefully-curated listening rooms that pop up all over the world at a moment’s notice.

This past Thursday, Sofar Sounds finally came to Boston. For Sofar Boston’s inaugural event, they took over a loft-like apartment in Allston, moving out most of the furniture and replacing it with a sweet performance set-up. Polished sound, lovely lighting, and a crowd of 50 or so music lovers created the perfect environment for the bands to gain a new audience. Unlike most small shows, the exciting part of this was not knowing the artists. Most attendees had never heard any of the four bands, yet gave their undivided attention to each one.

Brooklyn folkies Vinnie Ferra and Boston locals Friendly People, Isis Lune, and Gene & Max all proved their worth with their compact 30 minute sets. The whole crowd seemed atwitter with comments about how great this event was. It was a great setting for hearing new music, meeting like-minded people, and testing out a new form of concert.

Don’t worry if you missed the show; there is another one happening in November, and those behind Sofar Boston are aiming to put on up to six shows a year! You can register to get a spot at the November show here!

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