December may have crept up on us, but we won’t leave you standing out in the cold. Thanks to two great local acts, The Novel Ideas and Otter, we’re premiering two new songs that will help you battle the winter blues.

For Those Without a Fireplace

You may recognize The Novel Ideas as a Local Spotlight act from early this year, or maybe you remember their country folk sound – and puns – from their performance in Kendall Square this summer. But if not, we can assure you the sweet harmonies of this unreleased recording will warm your bones. The session was recorded at Freshgrass Festival, an annual bluegrass and roots festival that takes place at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. The track begins as kindling and a tiny flame – Daniel and his guitar starting off alone – until the rest of the band adds layers of vocals that build to a roaring fire (if we’re sticking with that winter imagery).

For Those In Need of Grooving

We’re proud to premiere a track by Local Spotlight act, Otter, a recent addition to Boston’s music scene. We don’t know about you, but the dreary weather coupled with days so short you swear the sun never came out means we’re in dire need of some grooving. Summer is full of those feel-good jams, but come winter it’s more likely we’re wallowing in “Someone Like You,” hoping Adele will stop by for a hot cuppa and a laugh. Keep an ear out for the guitar solo and keep an eye on your heart; with “Thieves,” Otter will likely steal it.

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