It’s time for our second free, downloadable mixtape featuring songs exclusively from some of our past Local Spotlight acts! We’ve been pining through hundreds of Boston artists and are excited to release a mix of their work. Think Boston’s music is too punk-heavy or songwriter-driven? With the hypnotically immersive sound of Goldbloc, the calming piano melodies of Gem Club, and the good-old fashioned fun of Friendly People (to name just a few), we’ve got quite a comprehensive mix. Beyond that, most of the artists we featured maintain play a number of styles and we encourage you to dig into their other music.

Listen to the twelve-song mixtape below and let us know what you think! Scroll down for download links. Have a suggestion for a new local artist? We want to hear from you.

You can download the mixtape here.

Note: Yohannes used to go by the name Royale [the band].

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