When we asked Otter if they would be willing to be our next feature for the next installment of Neighborhood Sessions, our acoustic live video series, they still asked, “Is there any way we could plug in?”

Clearly, “acoustic” was not a guideline Otter was planning on following strictly. So, the band carried large amplifiers up a flight of stairs, snaked wires of all sorts across the floor, and squeezed pedals and microphones into any crevice they could find into our cozy Cambridge space. Given their performance at Sofar and the “postmodern, contemporary boogie funk, sans horns” sound, which they described in their interview for our Local Spotlight series, this should have come as no surprise.

We previously named Otter a local artist to watch, and, with the support from the local community, the wait for their first full-length album should soon be over– their Kickstarter comes to a close in a few days.

The four songs they played for us – three original compositions and an Al Green cover – were smooth, precise, and relaxing. Listening to these songs live just hit the spot, like drinking a cup of spiked eggnog while it’s cold outside. Have a taste below:

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