So we’ve rolled out our favorite tracks and the albums we had on repeat this year. Now’s your chance to see who you should be keeping tabs on after the clock strikes twelve and the confetti flies. Based off of their past performances and next year’s anticipated releases, we whipped up a list of local artists we expect will have a killer 2015:

1. Ripe

While we have certainly exhausted all “Ripe” puns, these guys are far from done delivering tasty rock ‘n’ roll jams. Having just released a live music video, their first music release in almost two years, Ripe is set to record their second EP in January and follow that up with a full-length later in 2015. Sweet.

2. Tall Heights

We’ve been behind this harmonizing guitar-cello duo for a while now. They’ve repeatedly delivered standout tracks and they sprinkle their live shows with fantastic covers. Rumor has it they’re back in the studio, so we’re anxiously waiting for new folky tunes to carry us through the year.

3. Otter

These fellas just recently joined the Boston scene, and they’re more jammy than a jar of strawberry Smucker’s. They’ve already released “Thieves,” which made our list of Top Songs of 2014, and they’ve got more from where that came from. A friendly band and feel-good tracks means you’ll want to welcome Otter with open arms—you’ll probably end up getting a great big hug.

4. Grey Season

It’s hard for a twangy group to differentiate themselves in the current Mumford-loving musical climate, but Grey Season crushes all stereotypes in their way, injecting their music with grit, dirt, and a whole lot of beauty. Their debut album, one of our 2014 favorites, shows exactly why they are worth paying attention to.

5. Viva La Hop

Viva La Hop is basically the perfect Berklee export. The jazz-prodigy heavy institution always has an eye towards the future, which is exactly what Viva La Hop is. Classic hip-hop brought into the 21st century, this crew packs their tracks with blaring horns, soulful choruses, and intellectual rhymes. Surefire makings of a great time.

6. Waldo

Sure, with only one single officially released so far, Waldo has had a pretty quiet online presence. But that track, the romping fun “Here Before,” is enough to stake some solid faith in this crew. Where’s Waldo, you may ask? Why, waiting for you in 2015, ready to blow you away.

7. Covey

Earlier this year, Covey opened for Hozier (and, well, we all know how Hozier’s musical career turned out). The performance of their single “Comes and Goes” had the audience scrambling for their phone, trying to get the name of this indie-folk Berklee act. Word on the street is they’ll be spending lots of time in the studio, so keep an ear out for new material.

8. Calvin Lamothe

This guy’s got an old soul. You wouldn’t guess that the face behind this soulful voice is so young, but that’s no reason to underestimate Calvin Lamothe—he’s demonstrated an incredible level of songwriting maturity. His minimalistic music has soundtracked our New England winters, and his choice in songs to cover is on point. We’re ready for more, Calvin.

9. The Western Den

The Western Den are not an assuming crew. The Berklee students release their music with a hushed take on indie folk. Their tunes may not amaze right off the bat, but over time, you will feel yourself hypnotized by their lush orchestrations and fresh harmonies.

10. Krill

Krill has had a big year. They began 2014 by releasing a phenomenal if bizarre EP, Steve Hears Pile in Malden and Bursts into Tears, a meta-concept album loosely alluding to labelmates Pile and their song “Steve’s Mouth.” Krill ended 2014 by releasing a new single and announcing a new album—A Distant Fist Unclenched, coming out on February 17th, 2015. If the first single, Torturer, is any indication, 2015 will bring even more hits (and maybe songs about poop?) from Krill.

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