This is the first of our Local Spotlight series, a section where we’ll feature noteworthy musical artists from the Boston area. 


Armed with nothing more than a cello, a guitar, and their voices, Tim Harrington and Paul Wright (aka Tall Heights) take this simple combination of instruments and create beautifully complex melodies. Their days as buskers outside Faneuil Hall downtown have long passed – these guys have a Daytrotter session under their belt, recently premiered their music video on Conan’s Team Coco site, and are due to play at this weekend’s Life is Good festival.

They’re an acoustic folk duo that harmonizes it’s way into your head; before you know it, you’ll have their Rafters album stuck in your brain. And while they’ve won over quite a following, they haven’t deserted their origins – they returned to Faneuil Hall this summer, convincing the busy people of this city to stop and listen, transporting them to the countryside with their pure, organic sound. We hope we’ll be able to see this gem of a band back in town soon.

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