Small but mighty would be a perfect way to describe Lauren Mayberry. As the singer of CHVRCHES, her presence is fierce and her voice powerful. But the instant she steps out from those 80’s synth riffs, she innocently begins chatting about her mug of tea in the most charming of Scottish accents. What a heartbreaker.

As a small trio with a relatively new fan base, it was impressive that they nearly sold out House of Blues, and they were awfully appreciative. “We’re lucky you’re here,” they said, “We hear the Arctic Monkeys are in town so thank you for choosing us.”

Over the last year or so, they have done a very good job of honing their electro-pop sound into something simultaneously familiar and new. The other night, they also showed off their lovely new stage set up, based on the design of their album cover. Shrouded by hazy, flashing lights, they previewed nearly their whole album, making it clear that the catchy singles  ”Lies,” “Recover,” “Gun,” and “The Mother We Share,” only scratch the surface of what will come next.

For a developing act, they have done some extensive touring throughout the States and Europe. And finally, we are starting to see the point of it all: the album. On Tuesday, The Bones of What You Believe will be shared with the world and will likely sell pretty well as they have developed quite a loyal following. Having streamed the album over at NPR, I can say that this group has not run it’s course yet. You will be seeing more of them.

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