The local rock music scene is teeming with talent and packed with variety: From punk rock to indie and alternative, there is something for everyone. Crank up the volume and check out these five tracks from Boston artists.

1. Hallelujah the Hills – “You Got Fooled” 

A rapid crescendo and defiant lyrics will grab your attention from the get-go, but it’s the bouncy baseline that will really get you hooked on this track. Before you know it, you’ll be tapping your foot along during a playful instrumental interlude that will leave you energized long after the final chords die away.

2. Parasol – “Feedback Loop”

The vocals are definitely the highlight of this simple yet intriguing song. Singer Lily Richeson’s voice is refreshingly unconventional, and the rather dark lyrics contrast nicely with the musicians’ overall enthusiasm. The way the music de-escalates after the final verses only to regain speed for another half-minute of playful guitar solo is also a nice touch.

3. Burglary Years – “Ghostwriter”

Layers of sustained electric guitar chords build a dreamlike soundscape, which blends perfectly with the far-away quality of the singer’s voice. The similarity of each verse to the next actually improves this track, drawing the listener into an almost-hypnotic haze that’s difficult to resist. Given its ability to captivate without distracting, “Ghostwriter” is a great song to meditate or write to.

4. The Clippers – “Quiet Confidence”

It may be short, but this song is brimming with vitality. The artists maintain a high level of energy throughout the track with plenty of drum rolls and a melody that flies up and down the octaves. Boisterous and carefree, this music is perfect for long car rides or beach trips.

5. The Color and Sound – “Gregory”


This track doesn’t waste any time building up momentum, but kicks off at full-force with a burst of soaring voices ringing with resolve. While the vocals outshine the other instruments at the beginning of the song, the guitar and drums make a great comeback, highlighting the band’s depth and range of skill. The sheer spiritedness of the song is enough to make it an instant favorite, but the lyrics add to the entertainment factor by calling out a friend-turned-rival in epic fashion.

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