It’s been a year and a half since Jet Black Sunrise put out their Capture EP, but the Boston-based indie-pop act is back at it. This Tuesday, JBS will release Departures, an EP packed with tracks with clear 90’s rock influences. 

Vocalist Jay Schneider noted that the decision to release an EP in lieu of a full-length LP was a topic of discussion amongst the bandmates because of “today’s fragmented singles culture.”  The act plans on releasing another followup EP early next year and “ultimately press them together as a special edition pair that relate to each other.”

All of the members of quintet have played music since their youth and three of the band members continued their passion for music through formal studies: Drummer JC Zwisler attended Berklee College of Music for drum performance, keyboardist Matt Cronin and vocalist Jay Schneider both attended Northeastern University as Music Technology and Composition majors. The act has a traditional musical background that shows through at times, with orchestral arrangements cropping up in their music. “I definitely wouldn’t trade my classical training for anything. I think it gives us a really eclectic sound,” Schneider said.

They answered our signature Sound of Boston question (describe your sound without using genre names) as “intricate (arrangement-wise) and intelligent (lyrically).” With many a layered harmony, finger picking, and rapid fire drumming, the complexities of the arrangements certainly shine through. But the short and sweet version of their genre-less description? “Pleasant.”

Take a listen to their latest EP, Departures and hear for yourself.

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