From late-night driving to couch-sprawled chilling, here’s a selection of 5 tracks from Boston artists you should check out today.


This chill, hypnotizing downtempo trap record is perfect for unwinding after a long day at the office, courtesy of its smooth vibes and double-time beat. Commandah Panda’s excellent synth selection for the chords make you feel like you’re in the lounge of an Ibiza hotel, delivering a carefree attitude of bliss. And those crisp reverb snaps? Delicious.


Perhaps one of the darker tracks on this list, US by BATHAUS is still a wonderful piece. Its staggered percussion and drum beat accompanied by a deeply reverbed vocal sample is similar to the style of other indie artist BlackbirdBlackbird, who along with BATHAUS, has the ability of creating wonderful chill out tracks. There is something mysterious about this song; it’s different, which is what makes it so beautiful.

3. Birchmont – CC#2 (WIP)

This upbeat track achieves a nice contrast between dirty and clean, in the sense that its melodic arrangement seems to counteract its synthesized growls and dubstep wobbles. Its complextro breakdown of electronic samples is immediately followed by an emotional piano buildup, making the track dynamic and fresh. I wouldn’t consider this a track to throw down in a club, but it is perfect for driving off into the horizon, chasing the sunset.

4. M.O.O.N – Chlorophyll

Ignoring the biological characteristics of chlorophyll and its attraction to sunlight, this track actually seems better suited for an underground basement party in the dark. The bassline’s simple yet effective progression is reminiscent of the style of The Prodigy, specifically their track “Breathe”. The woodblock’s beat interspersed between the side-chained white noise makes this record sound like a preparation for war. It gets the blood boiling, making it a killer track to open a set or performance.

5. AMADEEZY – Altar

The perfect title for this song, Altar, is a beautiful electronic track infused with classical influences and sounds, from strings to piano. This hybrid tune’s guitar riff is the backbone of the tracks, sustained throughout the track, giving it a deep emotional element. The descending string arrangement on top of the kick and hi-hat rolls is what makes the song, powering the track and giving it the feeling that someone, or rather something, holy is within its presence.

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