This weekend, Davis Square will be glittering with golden hues, and not just the maize-colored leaves that signal the coming of fall: Shining brass and horns will march their way into Somerville for the ninth annual HONK! Festival.

Complete with kooky top hats, tutus, mohawks, and dreadlocks, activist brass bands will be parading from Davis to Harvard Squares as they spread their energy and good vibes. Expect an extremely inclusive ambience, many a double-take, and more than just music. Arts and crafts galore, puppeteers, magicians, local artisans, and restaurants will be scattered throughout the city.

A few hundred musicians will be making an appearance, and with so many simultaneous performances, it’ll be tough to decide which to see. Running around from plaza to plaza is definitely an option thanks to the close proximity of the sets, (and luckily, some acts will play more than once this weekend), but here are a few bands that are sure to get you moving:

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band (Somerville, MA)

Veveritse (Brooklyn, NY)

Minor Mishap Marching Band  (Austin, TX)

Detroit Party Marching Band (Detroit, MI)

Titubanda (Rome, Italy)

Dirty Water Brass Band (Somerville, MA)

For a full list of bands, the schedule overview, and the recently posted Saturday schedule, check out the HONK! website.

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