Dear readers,

We wanted to start the second half of this decade by exploring a fresh means of sharing Boston’s musical talent.

New technology has its place at Sound of Boston; it was a deliberate decision we created the Tech Hub column to support Boston’s contributions and notable advancements to the music-technology industry, but more than that, to highlight the important role technology plays in sharing Boston’s artists with you.

Here at Sound of Boston we are constantly looking for new mediums and formats to push the reach of the publication—and, more importantly, the work of Boston’s artists. Just as major magazines like Pitchfork and Spin have experimented with interactive web and mobile stories to extend the influence of their content, we wanted to take advantage of a more immersive experience to attract a wider audience with which to share our city’s talent.

Today, I’m proud to present a novel approach to sharing our favorite local music from 2015, and excited to kick off the year with our list of artists to watch in 2016.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to thank the volunteer creatives who make Sound of Boston possible: our team. This publication cannot flourish without the sacrifices and hard work of these thirty individuals.

Thank you for supporting the Boston music scene. Without you, readers and listeners, there is no sound of Boston.

Knar Bedian
Editor in Chief

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