Its plush, velvet curtains are fit for Persian royalty. Its suspended cages belong in a gulag.

Stepping into The Estate is stepping back in time. You are immediately struck by the mixture of its Gothic beauty and spacious—yet intimate—layout.

Venture deep into the dance floor and look around. Beautiful people move side to side, lost in the music. In the periphery you see sultry dancers swaying hypnotically as if in a trance. People line the upper balcony of the club, gazing down into the sea of moving bodies. No one is standing still.

The DJ is the master, the clubbers his puppets. Twisting a knob, he unleashes a deep, pounding beat that drives into your chest. The crowd roars, but all you hear is your pulse beating in your ear. Strobe lights flash, lasers gleam, and a misty fog curls through the air. This is what euphoria feels like. This is the magic of The Estate.

Racking in multiple awards for Best Dance Club over the years, The Estate was renowned throughout Boston for its beautiful interior and exquisite music. Some of the biggest names in dance music—from Tiesto, to Hardwell, to Benny Benassi—have all come through its doors. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and The Black Eyed Peas have also partied the night away in this Boston nightlife favorite.

We’ve had the privilege of covering some fantastic artists at The Estate. Australian DJ duo Feenixpawl claimed that they couldn’t wait to come back. Dutch DJs Sander Van Doorn and Laidback Luke ripped the nightclub’s packed dance floor to shreds. And French DJ Tristan Garner couldn’t help but give a wide smile when mentioning his affection for the venue.

“I love this club. When my manager called me and told me that I was playing here, I was excited.” –Tristan Garner

But after a successful nine-year run, Estate regulars feel a twinge of sadness as the Boylston club closes its doors. Emerson College will be taking over the property to build a new seven-story residence hall.

In honor of the club’s closing, we’ve included a montage of some of our favorite moments that showcase its beauty and magic.

You will be missed.

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