Welcome back to the Wrap-Up! If your ears have been ringing with the din of Game of Thrones backlash and this sonic manifestation of Satan himself, give them the rest they deserve with this week’s best of Boston.


Amy & The Engine’s “Love Me” is Catchy as Fuck, Obviously

In anticipation of a new six-track EP set to hit ear holes everywhere mid-2015, singer-songwriter Amy Allen and her machine engine just dropped a video for their newest single, “Love Me.” It’s basically four minutes and twenty two seconds of Allen doing ridiculously cute stuff (painting flowers, giving sips of her drink to a stuffed animal, dancing around with sparklers, etc.), and its soundtrack is everything you could ask for in a light, indie-pop jam.

Check out “Love Me” below, and while you’re at it, here’s Amy & The Engine’s video for their Valentine’s Day single, “Last Forever.”


Keep Safe Boston Drops 55-Track Comp for RESPOND

Local community organization Keep Safe Boston is offering up a crazy amount of tunes from a laundry list of New England artists in support of Respond Inc.’s mission to bring domestic violence awareness and prevention to the area. The digital compilation is currently available for a “pay what you can” price, with all proceeds going towards Respond.

Take a listen here and spread the word.


Up Your Dosage of Big Band Swing Folk with As the Sparrow’s The Otherside EP

Do you like to party? Of course you like to party. Folking, swinging, rocking sestet As the Sparrow likes to party too, and they do a lot of it on their most recent effort, The Otherside EP. Engineered and produced at Burlington’s Kennedy Studios, the five-song EP showcases a slew of strings and horns alongside back and forth vocal stylings from singers Mark Daimon and Crystal Araiza.

Join the party and pick up The Otherside EP for a quick fiver here.


I/O is So Post-Rock Live at Little Elephant

From the sensual opening riffage and light snare brush strokes to the drawn-out build up of aux drums, ominous key tones, and wetter-the-better tremolo chaos all the way through the let-your-amps-feed-back-and-grab-a-pair-of-sticks-so-you-can-hit-stuff-on-the-drumset finale, Boston-based six-piece I/O provide a shimmering guide book for how to post-rock. Watching their recent performance of US Route 89 at Little Elephant is like watching pigs in the mud or cats knocking shit over. It just makes sense.

P.S. Little Elephant actually posted this session a couple weeks ago, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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