Before you give way to Patriots’ Day, Marathon Monday, and totally no other holiday at all, here’s our recap of what happened last week in Boston music.

Speedy Ortiz Premiere Foil Deer on NPR Music

Northampton-born Speedy Ortiz are quick to claim their sound as “illegally loud,” but if there’s one thing you’ll learn from their newest full length, Foil Deer, it’s that they have no problem reeling in the bursts of noisy, fuzzed-out punk rock with an almost unexpected poise and technicality. Though the album doesn’t drop officially until tomorrow, you can catch the four piece sitting atop NPR’s First Listen alongside the likes of Alabama Shakes, Mew, and Built to Spill.


Harvard Square’s MayFair Announces Lineup for 32nd Annual Fest

The Harvard Square Business Association is gearing up to celebrate local bands, artists, and vendors yet again come May 3rd with its renowned MayFair fest. This year’s lineup, featuring groups like Freezepop, The Luxury, Air Traffic Controller, and Grey Season, was hand-picked by the lovely gents at The Sinclair.


When All We Love is Lost Drop First Single off Merely a Formality

HM Magazine gave readers a taste of Cape Cod last week with “I’ll Take Water Sports for 300, Alex,” the newest goodie from indie/emo breakout and one-man powerhouse, Dan Colasanto. Under the moniker When All We Love is Lost, Colasanto is getting ready to release his debut full length, Merely a Formality, as a follow-up to last fall’s 4-track split with Boston’s own sports.

The single’s music video has everything from fake beards to toilet drummers to kitten calendars, so there’s really no excuse not to check it out.


Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble Cruises through the Prelims

Now that week one has come and passed, it’s time to separate the rumblers from the rumbled. Here’s the short list of your prelim champs:

Night 1: Nemes

Night 2: Eternals

Night 3: The Static Dynamic

Night 4: Dirty Bangs

Night 5: Zip-Tie Handcuffs

Night 6: Soft Pyramids

Wildcards: Duck & Cover + Murcielago


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