Sleeping away the knotted-stomach feeling that accompanies the start of school? Wondering what happened throughout the Boston music scene these past two weeks? Looking to impress your new college buds with knowledge of the local music haps? The Weekly Wrap-Up is the answer to all of your current qualms. For music news and recaps, read on!

Covey Drops New Single “Stranger”

Last week Covey released a new single to Spotify and iTunes. The title, “Stranger,” just so happens to capture what Covey was to most indie music lovers, until recently. The jury is still out, but that might continue to change, especially with tracks like this one. First to fade in is an ambient soundscape, redolent of white noise but soft and sustained, layering the entire track. A twangy acoustic guitar then leaps from the meditation tape-esque sound with enough reverb and echo for its resonance to glide back down to the ethereal backdrop. Gentle percussion and eighth-note pulses build to choruses which halt, leaving you again with the backdrop: the meditation tape. The song is rhythmic in the micro and macro, but leaves you room to float in your own space.

Covey’s first EP, Haggarty (named after Freeman’s high school teacher), is set to be released later this year, but until then he’ll be sharing solo music at shows around Boston. Covey/Freeman just played at Great Scott last night, where he was featured in a lineup with good friends Weather and These Wild Plains.


HiFadility Proudly Presents The Queens

The Queens is an album by HiFadility, a producer, jazz pianist, and self-proclaimed citizen of the world. His beats are products of not only musical opening and producing, but also his perspectives on social and cultural issues. His music strives to be a looking glass to a world in which entertainment encourages people to entertain liberal ideas, whether they be of racial conflict, oligarchical capitalism, or the miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and important ideals: freedom, liberty, harmony. Whether or not that world is yet crystalline clear, HiFadility’s spirit is exciting.


Oh Malô takes on Tame Impala

Oh Malô is on fire. With three EP releases stowed confidently in their pockets, Hafetz and his bandmates have ignited a new craving in listeners for post rock tracks with their latest release: a Tame Impala cover.

Much like the smooth, deliberate and artistic transitions between shots in the video, Oh, Malô melodically wove together the two Tame Impala tunes, “‘Cause I’m A Man” and “Disciples” into the infectious medley mix that is their most recent cover video. The mashup is carried by the vocals throughout, calling attention to the power, vulnerability, and precision of frontman Brandon Hafetz’s voice. It’s idle but driving, doctored but pristine, and nearly as nice to listen to as his expressions are to watch.

Don’t miss these guys at The Middle East Cambridge on September 16th.


Vundabar Documents Summer Tour With “Oulala” Video

The trio’s most recent video release features trunk-time strumming, laundromat strolling, and grocery floor yoga. Look no further than these reels for their goofy and Gawky summer jams.

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