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Darlingside Gets Fed Up With the 9-5, Praises Han Solo in New Single

We’ve all dealt with early morning struggles, occasional alarm clock abuse, dickhead bosses, and, well, basically this, but rarely do we come across a song that can so accurately and concisely sum it all up quite like Darlingside’s “Harrison Ford,” all the while paying homage to a blade-running, treasure-hunting, saber-wielding actual superhuman.

Listen to the tune below, and watch out for the folkie four-piece’s new full-length album, Birds Say, out September 18 via Thirty Tigers.


Forbes Is Digging Cymbal (But, like, We Dug It First)

Some of you might already know Cymbal as the gnarly new music-charged social media app sweeping college campuses and shattered iPhone screens everywhere, and a few of you may even recognize the name since we dropped it in last week’s wrap-up for being named one of BetaBoston’s 25 most innovative people under 25. Well, now a whole bunch more of you are about to get the scoop on the latest product from three Tufts alums thanks to a feature in a little old magazine by the name of Forbes.

I know, you know, your grandma and your mailman and your 7th grade math teacher know you heard it here first, but if you’d like to learn some more about a really cool app that’s hitting the store running from these other guys over here, we won’t hold it against you.


Check Out 50 Shades of Facial Hair with When All We Love is Lost’s “Swimantics”

Dan Colasanto, mastermind between local emo project When All We Love is Lost and certified thick-bearded manhunk, just dropped a video for “Swimantics,” off this past spring’s Merely a Formality. Check it out below to catch some quirky T’s and a fierce stare down between a smug mustachioed Dan and a very unimpressed Dan. And a pineapple?


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