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I/O Premiere Video for “Input/Output,” Win Jabbawockeez Look-alike Contest

This past Tuesday, I/O dropped a sweet live video for “Input/Output,” the third track off their debut full-length, Saudade. Donning a set of expressionless masks and black hoodies, the post-rock powerhouse spends nine and a half minutes jumping from warm, melodic riffage to total headbangable chaos. It’s jammy, but it doesn’t drag; it’s poised but not overly technical, and it just wouldn’t be an epic post-rock jam without the time change right around the five-minute mark. All in all, “Input/Output” is a really solid tune, and Fitz Ross Productions did a hell of a job capturing it all live.


“Boston to London” Sets the Vibe for Latrell James’ Upcoming Release, Twelve

At the heart of local rapper Latrell James’ new track “Boston to London” lies a smooth, key-led groove and a hook that teeters the line between catchy and redundant. Whatever the case, there’s no doubting the up-and-comer is settling on quite an accessible sound with the help of Oshi, a 16-year-old London-based producer, and it’s not too tough to imagine James’ soon-to-be released full-length, Twelve, sparking some serious interest with tunes like this.


ColorGrave Try and Get their Minds out of the Gutter in Debut Single, “Fever Dreams”

Taken out of context, “Fever Dreams” sounds like kind of a raunchy title for indie electronic duo ColorGrave’s first song. Taken in context, it’s totally still a little raunchy but maybe a bit more introspective. The tune offers some schoolboy-choir-style vocals from singer Thomas Morris paired up with Rob Wu’s more brooding ambience and heavy-hitting production to deliver a fresh slice of what the group calls dark pop.

“In the literal sense, [Fever Dreams] about trying to stay awake next to the person you love because every time you fall asleep, you’re tempted by others,” explained Wu to Vanyaland. “The song is sung from a male’s perspective and every time the chorus hits, he’s trying to remind himself to wake up and not get sucked into the…over sexification of America.”

I guess “Sexy Time/Cheating on Your Significant Other Dreams” didn’t exactly have the same ring to it, but nonetheless, you best look out for ColorGrave busting through the scene this year.


Edo. G Takes a Stroll Around Boston, Spits Fire in Video for “Make Music”

Boston’s own hip-hop vet, Edo. G, is showing he still has a whole lot to say after more than two decades and 11 studio albums, and he’s doing it in style. His new music video for “Make Music,” directed by Sektion Red’s Oliver Whitehouse, shouts out a few cherished city spots and fellow artists, and producer Pete Rock’s classic old school sound serves as the perfect backdrop.

Check out the video below, and while you’re at it, peep Edo. G’s latest album, After All These Years.


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