Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up. This week’s edition is brought late to you because I was enjoying the spring weather and having a dance party in my kitchen to all of the new music that Boston artists are releasing.

These Times, They are A Changin’

Repeat after me: not all change is bad. Word has it that the Sater brothers, owners of legendary Cambridge rock club the Middle East and ZuZu have expanded. Welcome Sonia, (the space formerly known as T.T. The Bears) the self-described multi-genre venue named after their sister. Ned Wellbery will manage the new space and Aaron Roy will take care of booking. The first show is March 31st with an all local bill Doom Lover, CreaturoS, Aüva, and Bad Boys Club.Check out our story on Snapchat of the opening night.


Goldfish and A Giant Saxophone: The New Music Video for Crumb’s “Bones”

A construction worker raises his hand as he looks up into the sky. Goldfish swim amongst electronics of the past (who dropped that Nintendo controller in the water?). A policeman shouts frantically into his radio. As the scene plays out in slow motion the hazy sounds of Lila Ramani’s voice floats overhead. What’s that? A giant saxophone rises from the water and into the sky! We’re not sure what it means, but watch the beautiful video for local psych-rock act Crumb and decide for yourself:

Sound of Boston Featured on the Unthinkable Podcast

Recently, our Editor in Chief, Knar Bedian, had an opportunity to chat with Jay Acunzo of the Unthinkable Podcast about the importance of process at Sound of Boston. In the episode, which features music by local artists The Ballroom Thieves and Crumb, Knar shares why documenting the steps for everything from editing to photography has been essential to the growth of the site, and why our team places so much value on high-quality, thoughtful writing.

Local Bands Featured on Rock Band Rivals 4

Speaking of CreaturoS, great news! You no longer have to sing in the mirror with your hairbrush to have your “it’s all happening moment.” Our friends at local non-profit The Record Company have struck a deal with Rock Band Rivals 4 to include some of Boston’s finest  from its “Beast” compilation on its latest update. Now, you can sing along with the likes of Tigerman Woah, STL GLD, Michael Christmas and CreaturoS.

Your mama doesn’t like me because I play in a rock and roll band.


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