Welcome back to our Weekly Wrap-Up! In this week’s edition, I get really hyped on funk and spend too much time trying to think of quirky titles.


Dude Shreds the Flute on Zoya’s “Letters to Toska”

It’s a bold move filming a live session at a place called Perfection Studios, so you can’t help but throw a silent fist pump when you get to watch folkie singer/songwriter Zoya do the name justice. In her graceful, fluted-up rendition of “Letters to Toska,” Zoya shows off some brilliant musicianship and a set of golden pipes. OC Weekly caught up to her on Tuesday to premiere the video and talk about her soon-to-be-released full-length, The Girl Who Used to Live in my Room.

Also, prepare yourself for a face-melter of epic proportions at 2:35.


Ripe Brings the Funk, the Whole Funk and Nothing But the Funk to Studio 1

If you’re a fan of scratchy guitar licks, wah pedals, bass that grooves so hard even your grumbling roommate from freshman year would be like, “aw shit,” sparkling horn sections, and drug-rug-clad frontmen, there’s a 100% chance you’re going to be all about Ripe’s in-studio performance of “Goon Squad.” The pop-funk septet tears through this 5-minute party anthem with an infectious energy and some awfully inventive dance moves.

Check it out below, and while you’re at it, peep Ripe playing “Brother Sky” at Studio 1 back in October.


Heavy Rotation Records Drops Dorm Sessions 10

Berklee’s student-run Heavy Rotation Records just put out their tenth installment of Dorm Sessions, a sweet compilation album featuring a slew of Boston groups like I/O, Cocoa Jackson Lane, and Fever Charm. To celebrate, HHR threw a show at the Berklee Performance Center on Wednesday and chose a few bands to represent the label at three major upcoming music festivals. Cordelia & the Buffalo were selected to play Osheaga, while Grey Season and Kyle Thornton & The Company won the bids for South by Southwest and Lollapalooza, respectively.


Drunken Logic Gets Nice and Existential with “(The Good News Is) No One Gives a Damn”

Thanks to their surprisingly cohesive blend of pop punk and emotionally-charged folk rock, Boston’s own Drunken Logic is certainly picking up steam. Their new single, “(The Good News Is) No One Gives a Damn” is a lively tune that won’t have much trouble getting its supremely catchy hook stuck all up inside your head. You can head over to PopMatters to stream the track and read what the band had to say about it.


Grey Season Kills It Dead at Our First Show

This weekend, Harvard Square’s Sound Lion gave way to a packed house, a couple boxes of Dunkin’s coffee, and a stellar performance by this month’s featured artist, Grey Season. The band worked the stage (floor) like old pros, flowing effortlessly from big rock jams to soft, acoustic-driven serenades. All in all, they seemed like the kind of dudes who wouldn’t be able play a sloppy set if they tried.

In case you were silly enough to miss out on the show, fear not, for they shall wield their mighty weapons of sound once more this Thursday at the House of Blues.


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