We’ve had some ups and downs in Boston this week, from the beautiful snowfall to the icy black roads, to our still glaring omission from Super Bowl 50. At least there’s always something happening in the music scene to keep us going through the dregs of another New England winter. Plus, Puxatawney Phil did not see his shadow, so hopefully an early spring is headed our way.

Ugly Duck Studios release another Duck Tape Session

Local recording studio Ugly Duck released the second installment of its monthly series, Duck Tapes. Included in this project are two previously unreleased singles from local Boston bands, The Symptoms and Animal Talk.

Produced over a single weekend, each Duck Tape session promotes collaboration among local artists and “offer[s] them a constructive, artistic environment” in which they work with their contemporaries.

The singles “Black Rhino” by Animal Talk and “Heaven on Earth” by The Symptoms are featured on Duck Tape No. 2, Estuary. Check them out below:

Johnny D’s in Somerville to Close in March

It’s a sad day when a beloved local venue announces its final day. Even though Johnny D’s Uptown Restaurant and Music Club in Davis Square says it “look[s] forward to celebrating and bidding a proper farewell” with patrons, it’s bound to be a bittersweet goodbye. Just like parting ways with TT the Bears last summer wasn’t easy, Johnny D’s will be well missed. There’s still plenty of time to catch some great shows there– check out its calendar here.

On Sunday, March 13, you can jam out with the Revolutionary Snake Ensemble and the Second Line Brass Band. Doors open at 4 p.m., and at 5:30, there will be a procession through Davis Square.

Boston Hassle and BRAIN Arts Organizations Hosts 1st Annual 24 Hour Telethon

BRAIN Arts Organization announced its first annual telethon on Friday, March 4. Artists, live performers, and comics will be slated for the 24-hour program, which should “leave viewers shocked and filled with wonder” by the creativity the Boston area community provides. The funds will go toward opening a performance space for Boston Hassle and the BRAIN Arts Organization.

The telethon will be on SCATV (Somerville Community Access Television), and it’ll be streaming live online and programs like ROKU. The event is free and open to the public. Although space may be limited in the SCATV studios, the telethon will be held in the park next to the station, where visitors will be welcome.

Contact both organizations here if you’re interested in volunteering; submissions and live performers are also welcome!

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