Ruen Brothers take the Middle East Upstairs stage on Tuesday, November 21st at 7 PM. We’re giving away two tickets!

“Ruen” comes from a mixture of the brothers’ first names, Ru and Henry. The Scunthorpe, U.K. natives took inspiration from their father’s record collection, which included the likes of Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash. After playing covers of the artists from this collection, they eventually started creating music that echoed these musicians, and transitioned to the American festival circuit.

Ruen Brothers’ music comes from a deep appreciation of vintage art, from ‘50s and ‘60s music to film classics like Pulp Fiction and Blue Velvet. Through their appreciation, they create music that is reminiscent of classic rock and country. They evoke nostalgia for a time when people collected records and listened to them collectively. 

Those who regret never seeing the musical legends of the ‘60s don’t want to miss this show. This giveaway closes Sunday, November 19th at 10 PM, so get your submission in soon!

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