New Jersey raised, Philadelphia-based alternative rock band Rich People play at the Brighton Music Hall on Wednesday, October 2nd, and we’re giving away two tickets! The giveaway closes on Monday, September 30th at 10PM, so enter soon for a chance to win.

Since their inception in 2015, Rich People have held deep, sentimental, and loud alternative rock as their crux. Their sound is brimming with emotion and intensity, utilizing a wall of roaring guitars and forceful percussion. Front man Robert Rich’s incisive and acute vocals have the power to physically move audiences into cathartic amazement.

Rich’s lyricism walks the line between thoughtful satire and painful honesty. He speaks candidly about struggle and necessity, using his own confessional pains and wants as a guiding force for finding inner peace.

As Rich People embark on their 2019 tour, audiences will have the opportunity to witness a number of firsts. The tour marks headliner and fellow Philadelphia band Grayscale’s first full-scale North American headlining tour, while it will also be Rich People’s first cross-country expedition. These respective firsts not only present fresh new experiences for Rich People and Grayscale, but make the stage a proving ground as audiences witness a seismic page-turn for both bands moving on to the next chapter of their careers.


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