Minnesota’s Remo Drive play The Sinclair on Thursday, June 6th, and we’re giving away two tickets! This giveaway closes Tuesday, June 4th at 10 PM, so get your submission in soon!

Remo Drive made a name for themselves with their rambunctious 2017 debut album Greatest Hits. The band’s founding brothers Erik and Stephen Paulson took the weight of their mundane adolescent hardships and packaged them into a clamorous tongue-in-cheek aesthetic. Their rowdy percussion, memorable chords, evocative lyricism, and family chemistry compelled listeners to either head-bang their way through the entire album, smile from a distance at the calamity unfolding before them, or some combination of the two.

Two years later, Remo Drive are set to release their second studio album titled Natural, Everyday Degradation. While Greatest Hits served as Remo Drive’s boisterous vessel for teenage rebelliousness and escapism, Natural, Everyday Degradation—which comes out Friday, May 31st—represents their evolution into self-discovery. The new album isn’t necessarily quieter, but it loudly asks more direct questions about the warped existence that Remo Drive lamented during their life on the road.

Their upcoming show at the Sinclair will offer attendees a first glimpse into the indie rock splendor that is Natural, Everyday Degradation. Expect their performance to explore fresh reactions to their new content through a healthy mix of riotous rock energy and playfully absorbing indie whim.

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