Austin’s Max Frost literally became a success overnight. At the 2013 South by Southwest festival, Frost’s laptop and hard drive were stolen. The hard drive contained all of his recorded work. In his despair, Frost began to regret his decision to drop out of college. A few days later, he woke up to a thousand emails from SoundCloud—“Pigeons and Planes” had picked up and reported on his soon-to-be pop hit “White Lies” on Frost’s account, and everyone was downloading the track. Less than a year later, he was featured in “Rolling Stone’s” “10 New Artists You Need to Know”.

Max Frost’s sound stems out of his love for the blues. He truly found his musical identity once he started singing hooks for underground rappers. During this time, he experimented with singing “more like a crooner than a hard-­attacking soul singer” and distorting his voice with guitar amps and reverbs. From this experimentation arose a refined pop sound consisting of blues, R&B, funk, and rock. According to Frost’s bio, he tries to overlay modern songs with vintage singing, instrumentation, and production.

He plays Great Scott on Thursday, October 12th at 8:30 PM. We have two tickets up for grab! Fans of BØRNS and Bleachers don’t want to miss this show. This ticket giveaway closes Tuesday, October 10th at 10 PM, so get your submission in soon!

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