R&B singer-songwriter Mahalia’s storytelling is unparalleled: With a few mesmerizing projects under her belt, she collects and pours all of her heartbreak and bewitching relationships into her 2019 album and tour.

Throughout her career, British prodigy Mahalia—who was signed to Atlantic Records at age 13—explained her truth and her trials and errors in love with her music. On her 2019 debut, LOVE AND COMPROMISE, she navigates the duality of dreamy love and heart-aching reality, immersing you in tribulations of love while reminiscing (and dismissing) old flames with elegance, a sultry voice, and R&B grooves.

Mahalia’s soulful songs ease and soothe listeners who know that compromise and love don’t always work out. She’s performing at The Sinclair on Wednesday, October 23rd, and we’re giving away a pair of tickets! This giveaway closes Monday, October 21st at 9AM, so get your submission in soon. Check out the music video for “Do Not Disturb,” which exemplifies her style, and enter the ticket giveaway below:



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