New Zealand-Australian multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer Jordan Rakei may be a long way from home when he performs at Brighton Music Hall next Wednesday, but his spacious, homey melodies are tailor-made to make any venue feel like his personal paradise.

Rakei’s global tour follows the release of his newest album Origin. While the bulk of Rakei’s first two albums consisted of soothing R&B, soul, and jazz-infused solo ventures, Origin pushes him beyond that cursive, individualistic comfort zone. He’s still just as soulful and vocally stunning, but he sacrifices a facet of his intimacy for a more technical, instrumentally elaborate sound.

As a result, Rakei’s show is conducive to a much more sonically interactive live experience. Unlike previous shows where Rakei regularly played alone, he has been leading a 5-piece band on this tour to fit the complex sound Origin demands. His smooth, rousing rhythm and flow offers audiences a comfortable medium whether they’re looking to relax and mentally unwind or let loose and flex their expressiveness.

Fans of Tom Misch, Loyle Carner, and Jorja Smith (all of whom Rakei has collaborated with this past year) are sure to love the charming experience Jordan Rakei brings to the Brighton Music Hall. Enter below by 10PM on November 11th for a chance to win two tickets!

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