A year ago last May, singer, songwriter, and musician Jaymes Young made the shocking announcement that he was “taking a possibly permanent break from Jaymes Young as a project.”

A little over a year later, Jaymes Young fans can finally breathe again as he not only released brand new content, but also announced an accompanying tour as well. Young will be playing at the Sinclair on Friday, November 22nd as a part of his 2019 Happiest Year North American Tour. This personal revival and associated tour offers a perfect opportunity for Jaymes Young fans to see him perform at least once more after assuming he might never play under this solo project again.

The series of singles Jaymes Young released this summer pick up right where he left off, balancing a cunning mixture of electronica, synth pop, and acoustic soul that can go from blaringly dramatic to delicately simple in a heartbeat. Not only that, but he’s remained lyrically emotive as ever. He harps on the polarizing yin and yang of life, hanging onto honesty and faithfulness as his consistent, defining crux.

Enter below by Wednesday, November 20th at 10PM for a chance to win one of the two pairs of tickets we’re giving away to this show!

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