Helado Negro is playing at Brighton Music Hall on Friday, June 21st, and we’re giving away two tickets! This giveaway closes Wednesday, June 19th at 10 PM, so get your submission in soon.

Born to Ecuadorian immigrants, raised in Miami, and currently based in Brooklyn, Roberto Carlos Lange (aka Helado Negro) incorporates a wide range of cultural influences into his music. He frequently transitions between singing in English and Spanish, mixing language and diverse subject matter to emphasize the importance of his heritage. He explores the complexities of life as a musician and as a first-generation American, citing feelings of singularity, aimlessness, persistence, and obscurity within his lyrics.

He released his sixth studio album This Is How You Smile this past March to waves of critical acclaim. The new album strips down his traditional electro-pop style into a much simpler, more accessible product. The result: a gorgeous mix of acoustic textures with hints of Lange’s prowess as an experienced sound engineer layered into each song.

Helado Negro’s live show is sure to be emotionally piercing as Lange displays a heartfelt interpretation of how he confronts life’s challenging questions.

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