Cayetana is playing their final show in Boston this Thursday, August 1st at the Sinclair, and we’ve got two tickets to give away!

Cayetana is a three-piece punk rock group based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They’ve made an emphatic mark on Philly’s DIY punk scene since their inception in 2011, placing particular importance on queer and feminist communities as well as on the prevalence of mental illness in many listeners’ lives.

Cayetana’s music is bold and defiant, uniting lead singer Augusta Koch’s sharp vocals with crisp guitar chords, enchanting bass lines, and tireless percussion to form an uproar of energetic glory.

They released a statement in April saying that they will be going on hiatus after this tour, so these shows will be Boston fan’s last chance to see the punk rock trio before their immanent breakup.

Cayetana will be joined by fellow Philadelphian punk-rocker Katie Ellen as well as local Bostonian punk rock act Lilith. All three acts bring a winsome aura of righteous rebelliousness and soul-crushing honesty that are sure to give punk rock fans an empathetic voice to relish and celebrate.

This giveaway ends on Tuesday, July 30th at 10PM, so get your submission in soon.

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