American indie rock band Bad Books is playing the Royale on Tuesday, June 25th and we’re giving away two tickets!

Bad Books is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra’s Atlanta-based frontman Andy Hull. The two have been good friends for over a decade, forming a close relationship while their respective acts toured together as far back as 2007. They subsequently joined forces in 2010 under the name Bad Books with no concrete plan aside from releasing an EP where they covered each other’s songs. Flash forward nine years and their new album III marks the third collaboration between the group.

Bad Books sees Devine and Hull’s separate musical ventures refashioned into something distinctly evolutionary and synergistic. The collaboration combines Devine’s capricious solo work with Hull’s loud, emotionally conflicted rock to form rich instrumental stories bursting with exploratory anecdotes. They often pull in varying members of Manchester Orchestra depending on the needs of the song or the show, thus bringing a level of variability and unpredictability to every track and live performance.

This giveaway ends on Sunday, June 23rd at 10PM, so get your submission in soon.

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