This might be the first time you’ve heard about Temples, but it certainly won’t be the last. The English band performed on Friday night to a small but attentive audience. Though only a little over a year old, Temples has the kind of coherent sound you might expect from a more established group.

The concert itself was under an hour long. The band members paused every few songs to chat with the audience or talk about the songs they had just played, which helped the show feel relaxing and interactive. Being a new band, Temples has a limited repertoire, and understandably so. The eight songs they did play, however, offered a solid indication of the band’s talent. Standout songs included Colours to Life, Shelter Song, and Mesmerise, one of the first singles off their debut album in February 2014. Mesmerise included a healthy amount of guitar riffs and instrumental jams at the end of the song, creating an intense, palpable energy that filled the small space.

The low-key environment suited Temples (and the audience) well. All of the band members seemed extremely comfortable on stage, and they were energetic without overwhelming the intimate venue. The crowd bounced and nodded along to the smooth, psychedelic jams of Prisms and Colours to Life. With a sound reminiscent of Tame Impala and 1960’s psychedelic rock, Temples proved themselves capable of creating unique, but catchy music. It’s not hard to imagine them filling a large arena with their powerful, complex sound.

Unfortunately, because of the small stage and venue at this show, there were no huge variations in lighting. Temples’ music would lend itself to an amazing light show, especially if using rhythmically timed lights. This would add an additional dimension to the performance – one that would improve it greatly.

I expect Temples to move on to bigger venues. In fact, don’t be surprised if you spot them in the House of Blues’ lineup within the next few years. See them now in an intimate setting, and see them later in a crowded arena. One thing’s for sure: Temples is insanely talented, and they are definitely around to stay.

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