Song Premiere: Royale [the band]’s New Single, “I.D.K.U”

As a Loyale [a fan], I had been waiting to hear a new piece of music from Royale [the band] for quite some time. As I noted in the past, although they have wonderful covers, a unique sound, and lovely collaborations, they’ve unfortunately released only a small amount of music. But they’ve clearly been working hard, because the new single I.D.K.U. ( “I Don’t Know You”) is already one of my favorites.

Unlike most indie pop bands these days, Royale [the band] creates energetic, spirited songs without the use of several synthesizers or drum machines. In the new single, they take lyrics which sound bitter and sad—(“We all get things to keep us up at night / You won’t share yours and I won’t share mine”)—and make them feel empowering and up-lifting.

Like the sound of their music, members of Royale choose to take a light-hearted approach to their role as musicians. It’s difficult to listen to their new single, see the absurd cover art (an wide-grinned old man flipping us off) and read their twitter description (“Indie Rock but, like, the cool kind, you know?”) without cracking a smile at least once.

Give the catchy song a listen, and stick around for updates on their new album!

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