Even without Grey Season’s hiatus announcement, the distorted guitar and wailing despair of lead singer Jon Mills’ vocals on opening track make “Mixing My Medicine” feel like it drags its feet in a slow march to an end.

“Mixing My Medicine” takes us to another time: it stomps into a saloon and slaps its hand onto the bar. The bartender slams down a grimy glass of whiskey, and it takes a swig. A dusty piano chimes in for a moment, but there’s no mournful longing for “Roslyn,” nor is there the haste of the frantic banjo in their cover of Bob Dylan’s “Mama, You Been On My Mind.”

Instead, “Mixing My Medicine” is filled with rock riffs and time changes reflective of the new direction of the upcoming album. In the end, a brawl breaks out: crashes of cymbals, piano keys, and a guitar fight to be heard, but the voice of our narrator is nowhere to be seen (or rather, heard). 

Come out to on Wednesday, April 6th to Great Scott to support Grey Season for the release of their second album, Out of the House and into the Night, and say farewell as the members of one of Boston’s great folk rock acts depart on their newest venture. We’ll be there, raising our glasses. 

In the meantime, we’re proud to offer an exclusive listen to Grey Season’s latest single, “Mixing My Medicine,” below:

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