A house party from hell would be one where a bunch of people come in and don’t dance. Someone plays ‘Bodak Yellow,’ twice. Everyone stands against the wall and they don’t move around. It’s crowded and sweaty. Some lacrosse player is doing vape tricks in my face. Someone tries to make a flaming Dr.Pepper and accidentally sets the entire apartment on fire. Everyone in the house is safe, but it turns out the firefighter that puts out the fire is actually Steve Buscemi.” —Floyd Fuji (Kyle Thornton)

We’ve all been to terrible house partes (hopefully not that bad). Thankfully, today’s “House Party” in discussion is very enjoyable.

A laidback blues tune, “House Party” is Floyd Fuji’s second song off his six-track EP, Sitcom (Thornton is releasing one song each month until July). Thornton’s music as Floyd Fuji takes on a different style from what listeners are used to hearing from Kyle Thornton & The Company. No longer in the realm of pop, with Floyd Fuji, soul takes center stage.

Like his first song as Floyd Fuji, “Drama,” Thornton’s electric guitar pokes out between a tightly bound beat. Vocals ride slightly behind the drums, conveying a sense of looseness. But as “Drama” bounced onto the dance floor, “House Party” lounges comfortably in the background.

Coupled with a Mellotron line that snakes in and out throughout the track, the listener feels an air of melancholy settle in between Thornton and the girl he’s singing about. Lyrics like “Baby come through to my house party,” “Come and dance with me / I’m not trying to get romantic, see” and “Still want you to stay” sound like wishful thinking, not self-assurance.

It’s a house party for sure, but one that may not be going according to plan.

In the end, we’re left with a sense of longing. The Mellotron refrain we’ve heard throughout the song gives way to a muffled dance beat. People are talking, dancing, having a good time. The only problem is, we’re on the other side of the wall.

What’s next for Floyd Fuji?

Stay tuned for more music between now and July, as well as a clothing line, visuals, and release parties, according to Thornton. “Expect to see some show dates very soon.”

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“House Party” song credits:

Written, recorded, and produced by Floyd Fuji (Kyle Thornton) | Co-written by Jackie G.l.a.s.s.

Additional instrumentation: Christian Crawford (bass) and Eric Fells (keys)

Mixed and mastered by: Jason Dietz of Nor Cal Recordings

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