Burrito-filled bellies conceived local duo Future Teens.

That, and a bit of growing up.

“Gabe and I have known each other for a while. When we say we had creative differences, it means I went to college, and Gabe went to high school,” said Daniel Radin, half of Future Teens and member of country-folk act The Novel Ideas.

But eventually time passed, and the age difference became negligible. The two had returned from their tours with their respective bands and were driving home from Anna’s Taqueria when they decided to form Future Teens.

“Future Teens is our musical analog to coming home after a long day’s work, loosening our ties and watching Jeopardy,” said Gabe Goodman, also of local bands Magic Man and Photocomfort. Because their other bands take first priority, Future Teens doesn’t quite stand a chance in becoming a serious project. But that’s the point. “Both of the other bands we play in practice constantly and emphasize constant refinement and improvement. Future Teens will never be that; we want to play shows recklessly and, unfortunately, because we are each in touring bands, not as often as we might like,” said Daniel.

“Girlfriend On A Gap Year” is only the second song released to the public, but their plans of an EP, an album, and some gigs — “preferably basement-y shows” — mean there’s more to come.

Future Teens describes their sound as “raucous statements about young love.” You can hear for yourself below:

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