For most people of a certain age, the words ‘Come Clean’ bring to mind Hillary Duff belting her heart out by a window in the rain. As of today, however, Belinda gives us something much more exciting to think about.

“Come Clean,” the Berklee student’s latest single, brings to mind a variety of influences in its short three minutes. The plucky intro instantly recalls a polished Joanna Newsom, but by the end of the verse, a powerful Sara Bareilles sound takes over and brings the song to more poppy ground. The chorus finalizes the transition, giving the listener a sugary sweet contrast to the slightly angsty, jagged verses. Belinda is a production/engineering student at Berklee, so it’s no surprise the production is pristine.

As the second verse begins, you get the sense that this song is personal. Belinda wrote the track during a period of deep depression and worked on it during her recovery. Out of her struggle has come a beautiful and haunting song, something that even after only one listen you won’t easily forget. Like the best pop songs, “Come Clean” will not only have you singing along, but also thinking about each and every lyric.

Check it out below, and see what we’re so excited about.

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