This Saturday, May 11th, hundreds of local musicians will perform at Somerville PorchFest. The festival takes place on what the Somerville Arts Council refers to as an underused public venue: the porch. This decentralized, city-wide event will feature acts of diverse genres, ranging from Bollywood to funk. PorchFest runs from noon to 6 on Saturday, May 11th. There are three time slots based on porch location within three quadrants of the city:

West of Willow Street: 12-2 PM
Between Willow Street and Central Street: 2-4 PM
East of Central Street: 4-6 PM

For full set times, locations, artist bios, and info on how to perform or register your porch, visit the Somerville Arts Council site.

Listen to our Porchfest 2019 playlist to hear a preview of some of the performers!


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