It seems as if the April showers have finally brought about May flowers. Tulips are budding, the sun is shining, and we can go about two days now without clouds blocking the sky. This nice weather means two things: work gets harder, and concerts become abundant. Feeling overwhelmed with all Boston has to offer in May? Not to worry, our team has recommendations for must-see acts to catch this month. (And for those of you ready to kick off festival season, HarpoonFest 2018 announced a local-packed lineup featuring favorites like Julie Rhodes, Oompa, and Latrell James!)

Tuesday, Mar 2, 2018

Frankie Cosmos at Sinclair – Selected by Jessica

I first saw Frankie Cosmos perform during my freshman year of college. Before the show, I had no idea who she was. But her ability to manifest teen angst, love, and messiness into beautifully simple songs hooked me on the spot. On May 2 she will be performing at The Sinclair alongside Florist, a Brooklyn-based band that clearly exists in the same universe as Frankie (so much so, that both female vocalists share the same buzzed haircut). The angelic, otherworldly, breathy vocals of both artists will undeniably transfix all listeners. Act quick as the tickets are selling fast, and the show is tomorrow.


Monday, May 7, 2018

Hinds at The SinclairSelected by Anna

After a brief legal dispute resulting in a name change, Hinds has quickly become one of the hottest new bands in the indie rock canon to come out of Madrid. Their scuzzy lo-fi garage rock is only the base layer of their explosive energy–vocalist Ana Garcia Perrote unleashes grunge-era howls in her accented English. The quartet of Spanish ladies channels this energy into their live sets, commanding the crowd’s attention as they furiously flip their hair and swing their hips. Don’t miss what will surely be un buen tiempo. Editor’s note: Okay, we know that means good weather. Venga y pásalo bien!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Amber Mark at Sonia’sSelected by Knar

When we chatted with her last time she came to town, Amber Mark described her music as “a New Yorker moving to India.” Her six-song release incorporates classical Indian singing, drops of falling rain to recreate the sounds of monsoon season, and a recording of her mother—whose death is the focal point of the EP. Though her most recent singles are electronic-tinged soulful tracks about finding love, I’m curious to see how Amber Mark will bring her story of overcoming loss and work her stages of grief into the live setting. Let’s find out!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wet at The Sinclair – Selected by Mikey

It’s been two years since Brooklyn-via Boston band Wet released Don’t You, an elegant major label debut awash in reverb and mournful melody. While the album was warmly received by their growing online fanbase, sales waned and critics yawned. In 2017, there were a few changes- lead singer Kelly Zutrau caught the attention of a larger audience after featuring on Rostam’s Half Light and Marty Sulkow, the band’s guitarist, had to leave the group for personal reasons. Just recently, they’ve returned with “There’s A Reason”, a pop ballad which frames Kelly Zutrau’s plaintive R&B vocals in a more optimistic light by way of acoustic drums, pianos and indie-rock strings. Given that they are originally from Boston, their homecoming show should have a great atmosphere. As they begin a new chapter as a band, this is the perfect time and place to catch them live.  

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Muddy Ruckus Every Friday Night in May at Toad – Selected by Amie

Residencies are not only for doctors in Boston. A mainstay of the music scene, these coveted standing gigs showcase the best of the local, unsigned talent in New England. Every Friday night in May, you can catch punk power blues duo Muddy Ruckus bring the house to a frenzy during their first residency at Toad as they get ready to release their third full length album Bellows to Mend on June 1st. The duo has become a staple of the Boston music scene over the past two years with their energetic juke joint performances. Ryan Flaherty and Erika Stahl share Muddy Ruckus; stunning with adept guitar work, aching lyrics and the primal heartbeat of signature suitcase drums.

Fair warning, arrive early. Toad is a smaller venue and Muddy Ruckus usually draws a crowd that has historically maxed out their fire capacity.



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