The twinkling lights and glowing trees have all but come down, so now we’re walking out into that cold January weather. Brighten up the start of your year with a concert (or five)!

Saturday, January 11th

Cliff Notez, Forte, Seefour, and Steve Chandy at Dorchester Art Project – Selected by Arielle

On January 11th, Into the Wiild: Answering Why the Wild Things Are will open at Dorchester Art Project. Into the Wiild is a multimedia gallery exhibition curated by Cliff Notez and Nick AR Martin. The gallery will offer a deeper, explorative dive on Cliff Notez’ second full-length album, Why the Wild Things Are. In experiencing this show, the audience will be encouraged to explore the impact of trauma, oppression, and racial injustice on the mental health of people of color. The opening reception will feature live performances from Cliff Notez, Forte, Seefour, and Steve Chandy. The gallery will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6pm through February 9th. 

Monday, January 13th

The Burning Lights at O’Brien’s Pub – Selected by Alexis

Boston pop-punk rockers The Burning Lights are serving up a show full of of poignant and vibrant vibes. Their music, tender and punctuated with raw, wistful lyricism, serves as the heart of their impassioned performances. With acoustic riffs that echo old fashioned guitar-driven rock and roll, The Burning Lights will evoke nostalgia  and haunting melodies throughout their set.


Thursday, January 16

Maverick Sabre at Great Scott – Selected by Knar

Hip hop magazine Brick has a tendency to nab up-and-coming artists for interviews, and Maverick Sabre is one of them. Most of this UK soul-pop rapper’s material involves jazzy instrumentals which are catchy enough to be heard on their own. His songwriting extends beyond his own work; he helped Jorja Smith—who is also a featured artist on his 2019 When I Wake Up album—write some of her biggest hits. Expect a laid-back night of warm R&B hip hop that’s closer to pop ballad than rap battle. 


Monday, January 20th

Snoop Dogg at House of Blues – Selected by Jared

Very few artists are beyond the term “relevant” to reach legend status, but Snoop Dogg isn’t just a legend, he’s forever. One of the driving forces behind hip hop’s official cross-over into the mainstream on Dr. Dre’s 1992 classic of classics, The Chronic, Snoop Dogg has become one of (if not) the most famous rappers of all time with decades of hits, multiple personas, and a presence across film and television, all stamped with his unique smoothness.  Known to walk on stage with a gold encrusted mic in one hand and a joint in the other, Snoop is bringing his signature swagger and deepest ever catalogue of bangers to the House of Blues on January 20th.  Like Snoop’s broad-based appeal, all are welcome to his party, so come out to Lansdowne Street on the 20th to feel “Young, Wild & Free” with possibly the coolest person to have ever picked up a mic.

Thursday, January 23

Indigo De Souza at Great Scott – Selected By Kristen

Queen of snarky instrumentation and passionate verses, Indigo De Souza is the brazen, spunky lyricist everyone needs to properly ring in the new year. She’s an artist that airs out her bonafide thoughts without a care. Her indie-punk mixture uniquely contrasts the softness of indie and the roughness of punk making for a refreshing eruption of sounds. Indulge in your most authentic self with De Souza’s raunchy, personal, and relatable tunes this January. 

Friday, January 31

Grace Potter at The House of Blues – Selected by Sarah

On January 31st, Grace Potter‘s rock-folk vox will fill the House of Blues. Potter borrows elements of funk, Americana, and country, genres expertly tied together by her guitar. The centerpiece of Potter’s concert experience is her signature vocal belt: unavoidable, gritty, and full of longing. Potter’s distinct vocal tone and personal, forlorn lyrics are continuously present over a decade of songwriting (see: 2019’s “Release” and 2012’s “Stars”). Excitingly, Potter’s set promises balance with more intimate, softer tracks like “On My Way” and “Love is Love” alongside full-blown rock ballads like the album’s namesake, “Daylight”, which features strained and gravelly vocals. Whether you’ve been a fan since she was a local Vermonter or you’re just hearing of her now, Potter offers an easy entry-point to the best of folk rock.


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